4 week plans

What is a 4 week plan?

If you need a structure to your exercise schedule, Leah can create a 4 week plan for you.

This could be a plan you follow at home,  at the gym or even outdoors.

Leah will send you a form to complete to find out your goals, how often you would like to exercise, where you would like to exercise and what equipment you have.

What happens after 4 weeks?

At the beginning of week 4, Leah will check in to see how you are getting on with your plan. 

If you would like another plan, Leah will create this in week 4 of your plan, so it is ready for you to continue with and keep making progress!

Pre book your 4-week plan by 29th May for your plan to start on the 3rd June

A 4 week plan is £40.

(If you require additional support and would like weekly check ins, there will be an additional charge which can be discussed with Leah)


Yes. A plan can provide a lot of structure, support and guidance. Half the battle with working out is knowing what to do.

You will have access to an app which will have your workouts on including videos of how to perform the exercises.