7 Tips to increase your steps

1) Get up and start your day with a walk. Now the mornings are getting lighter – this can easily fit into your routine 🌞

2) Take the 🐕 for a walk. You might rely on your partner or family member to take the dog walkies. However, you could offer instead or go with them.

3) Take the stairs where you can. Not only will you increase your step count but you will also be strengthening your leg muscles.

4) Park your 🚘 further away. This could be when going to the shops, picking up the kids from school or going to work.

5) Walk as a group. We are more likely to go for a walk if we have others around us to chat to and enjoy it with. Why not start a lunchtime walk with your work colleagues.

6) Retail therapy 💳! Walking around the shops doesn’t always do wonders for your bank balance but can help with your health!

7) Have a dance! This could be as you are doing the dinner, housework or letting your hair down at a party! 💃🏼

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