Are you consuming too much salt?

When I was 10 I sat down in the school canteen next to my friend and went crazy with the salt shaker over my chips.

My friend said to me ‘salt kills you’

Those words hit me and from then I only rarely now add salt to my food.

She had a point – salt is a killer! Salt is a massive contributing factor to heart disease – one of the nations biggest killers.

Why are we still going crazy with our salt intake though?

Cooking with salt and adding salt at the table comes down to habit. We have made a pact with ourselves that food is just way too bland without adding salt. However we need to realise that consuming excessive amounts of salt is not good for our health.

The NHS guidelines state that adults should not be consuming no more than 6g of salt a day. That is a teaspoon of salt. A lot of us are exceeding this daily limit!

If you are not adding it to your food, you will be consuming it in other foods where salt is hidden.

These common foods include – bread, bacon, ready meals, soup, breakfast cereals and ketchups.

So what can we do?

Try firstly to be really mindful of how much you are consuming – whether this is adding it to your food or reading food labels.

Next try tasting the food without the salt – you might actually find it is tasty enough and it is simply a habit you have formed.

Lastly you can add herbs, lemon, lime and lots of tasty veggies to give you that flavour and taste you require.

Also if you have kids – their requirements are a lot lower. If kids are having cereal and/or toast for breakfast – this could be their daily requirement gone!

Let’s be a little more salt savvy 😀👍🏻