Body Talk

How do you speak to your body?

We forget that our mind and body are connected. Instead we tend to treat our mind as one and our body as one.

Let me give you an example…

If you were to live off junk food – you might feel sluggish which can lead to you feeling low in mood. The junk you have consumed and put into your body is having an impact on your mind.

If we were to consume more vegetables we would obtain more vitamins and minerals. This may increase our alertness, our mood improves and this is having a positive impact on our mind.

Our bodies can allow us to do so much…
Recover from illness
Drive a car
Have a baby!!

However, we often concentrate on what we can’t do…

I can’t walk that far, I’m so unfit

How grateful do we ever feel for just standing?

We don’t like being ill and we can blame our bodies. Though, are you ever thankful and show gratitude when you do recover?

A lot of us rely on cars, some of us can’t drive – we should be grateful for allowing our limbs to do this

Ladies – our bodies are capable of growing a little human inside us -wow!!

Do you ever stand in the mirror and are not happy with what you see. We all have little imperfections. Though appreciate what you do see what is in front of you.

Once you start being nice to your body and stopping the negative talk – your outlook and appreciation will start to change.

Though also don’t be too harsh on yourself to achieve this change in attitude.
A lot of us will have a lot of beliefs that are hard to change.
Learn to celebrate the little wins when you are having a positive mind-body moment and the negative talk will start to reduce.

Have a fab rest of the day! 😊