Can we choose where we lose body fat from?

Can we choose where we lose body fat from?
Simply – nope!

We all want to trim down the stomach, lose fat from our thighs and hips and get rid of our bingo wings. However, we can’t pick and choose where this fat falls away from first!

One thing we can make sure that we are doing is…
Making sure we are in a calorie deficit. This means we are burning more calories than we are consuming. This can be achieved by activity alone, diet alone or most commonly a mixture of both!

When exercising we want to be working the WHOLE BODY! This way we are recruiting LOTS of muscles and more energy is being used. Also, you will be improving your circulation, which will help to mobilise your fat storage and improve the overall efficiency of the body.

When reducing calories, you do not want to reduce them too low straight away – you want to only marginally reduce first and see how your body responds!

If you follow these rules, then body fat will start to reduce. Be patient – you will not see results overnight, but results will come if you are consistent.