Childhood Obesity

This a crazy statistic…..but you can help to reduce it – especially if you are a parent 😀

Eat with your kid…

Too often we are cooking separate meals for kids.
Your kid will pick up on this and will generally want to eat the same food as you….and why not.

This is the perfect way to educate them about food and allow them to try a variety of ingredients.

Try not to use food as a reward….

‘If you eat all of the food on your plate, you can have a dessert’. Why do we do this?

That meal you may have slaved an hour over cooking – your child isn’t really enjoying, because you have already talked about dessert.

Exercise with your children….

Kids love to play and run around and why not do it together!

Get out more and throw a frisbee, play hide and seek – get moving!

Not only is this great for physical health, but yours and your child’s mental state too!

Help combat childhood obesity! 🙌🏻