Could Caffeine be disrupting your sleep?

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after 12pm?

Maybe you should think twice!

Did you know that caffeine has a 6 hour half life. This might vary from person to person – but roughly thereabouts.

This means that half of that caffeine you had from a coffee at 3pm is still in your body at 9pm and a quarter of it will still be in your body at midnight.

Problems this can cause….

☕️ You find it difficult to fall asleep

☕️ The quality of your sleep is effected (even if you may not be fully aware of it!)

☕️ If the quality of sleep becomes effected you may be more tired

☕️ If you are tired you may pick at junk food

☕️ You may feel demotivated

☕️ You then rely on more caffeine to give you that boost….

Try and limit your caffeine consumption to before midday 😊