Do you find it hard to lose weight?

Why is losing weight so hard?


You are scrolling through the TV guide on a Wednesday evening and one of the programmes looks rather appealing – it is called ‘I lost 3 stone and feel great’.

You watch the whole 60-minute programme and think wow I want to do that! You took notes whilst watching so you could copy exactly what that lady did to look fabulous.

The first thing you realise is that you can’t eat after 6pm – damn you think. You need to really think about how you must eat your dinner earlier, away from your family. Next you realise that you need to get up at 6am 5 x a week to do a hardcore circuit session in the gym on no breakfast. Ouch you think!

STOP – ask yourself now is this something you want to do to achieve weight loss?

My bets are not!!

These extreme ways of dieting are absolute nonsense, totally unstainable and do you think the people on this transformation feel great!?


I am a personal trainer and have been for nearly 8 years. Most of my clients come to myself because they want to lose weight and are unhappy with their appearance.

Though the majority of these clients then realise that feeling fit and healthy is just as important and the ability to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle. The goal to lose weight is still there but they begin to realise that extreme diets, crazy amounts of exercise and a stressful lifestyle are not the answers to them getting results.


So why is losing weight hard?

Because we have not nailed the fundamentals. We go to the extremes! Short term you might achieve fantastic results but 5 years down the line you could be left with an unhealthy relationship with food, an eating disorder, an erratic lifestyle and feeling like rubbish!

Our bodies strive for BALANCE. We also love control! Take away these two things and you have a recipe for disaster!!

So, what should you do?

Make small changes from your current lifestyle which is going to see an improvement in your health and wellbeing.

Are you eating 3 quality meals a day with adequate nutrition?

Could you slightly reduce your portion sizes?

How much exercise are you doing?

Could you move throughout the day?

Are you getting adequate sleep?

Are you getting enough down time?


Simple strategies you could implement straight away. We have got to stop thinking that we need to go to extremes to lose weight.


I hope this article is something that could help you or someone close to you. Comment below if there is a topic you want me to talk about in more detail 😊