Do You Find It Hard To Make A Decision?

Do you find it hard to decide?

I was listening to a podcast yesterday morning about decision making. Very thought provoking and it discussed how a lot of us find it hard to make decisions in life.

But why is this?

Is it because there is too much choice or maybe we are scared of failure or making the wrong choice?

Do we really need to procrastinate so long over the food menu in a pub. Generally we probably have 2 or 3 go to meals, food we know we will enjoy. However, there is that little inkling we might have to try something completely new. We are scared though because we feel we will regret that decision if we don’t enjoy that meal as much!

How about deciding where you want to go on holiday. This can feel long and arduous if you are going between various hotels and locations. Or maybe you are quick to decide and just go for it.

These two examples won’t be holding you back in life but are there other decisions that are?

Could you be deciding between careers – and scared to decide because you feel you are risking everything. Though if you stay put you are living a life you don’t want to lead.

Are you finding it difficult to decide either to go to the gym or not? This might sound minor, but this might be happening time after time. The constant battle you are having and thinking of every excuse under the sun not to go! This could be detrimental to your health and overall happiness.

So, what should you do?

Take away the need to make so many decisions – give the brain a rest! Schedule in when you will go to the gym or exercise – write it down in your diary!

Plan your meals. Don’t buy so much food that you don’t know what to eat. Lately I have been making dishes with what ingredients are in the cupboards – rather than going to the shops and being spoilt for choice!

Don’t fear failure. To be successful in life, people often fail! How else will we learn and grow as a person. Don’t feel you have to be perfect and take the pressure of yourself 😊

Make the decisions – don’t regret them.