Do you have a lie in?

Do you have a lie in at the weekend?

Did you actually know this can be worse for your health?

You probably think you are helping your body by ‘catching’ up in sleep – when in fact you are actually throwing your natural body clock completely out of rhythm!

Your body has been so used to getting up at 7am for work on a weekday and you then decide to wake up at 11am on a Saturday.

What is happening here is you are in fact jumping into a completely different time zone. Then come Monday morning you are feeling tired and irritable because your body has had to jump back to its original time zone.

The body clock doesn’t like change.

My advice would be to try and get up within a 1 hour window each day. So say between 7-8am or 6.30am-7.30am.

At the weekends you might be going out and your bedtime could be a little later but still get up at the same time. This is where napping comes in. If you feel a little tired later in the day – have a Sunday afternoon nap. You are better off having a nap rather than a lie in as your body clock won’t be out of sync.

Now please don’t hate me!! 😊