Do you track your menstrual cycle?

Ladies….we are talking periods!

A topic that some of us find difficult to talk about….

However – after listening to an amazing podcast from Deliciously Ella yesterday there is so much knowledge we can apply from keeping in touch with our monthly cycles!!

How long is a menstrual cycle?

What is regarded average is 28 days – however only around 12% of the population actually have this length cycle. A normal cycle can last from 21-35 days.

When does your cycle start?

The first day of your period is day 1. This is a common question that nurses and doctors can ask. Keep a log of this – either written down or there are so many apps out there you can use!!

Were you aware that during your menstrual cycle, you go through 4 phases?

I didn’t until listening to this podcast yesterday and found it so interesting! Your body will be going through so many changes with hormones too and you can experience different moods and symptoms – so interesting!!

Winter Phase (Day 27-Day 5) – this phase happens when your period starts. You can generally feel fatigued, low mood and generally a little off. Be kind to your body during this time, keep to lighter exercise if need be and avoid too much stress.

Spring Phase ( Day 6 – Day 11) – Your hormone oestrogen is starting to increase, you will start to feel lifted and have more energy. Creativity is at a high and you will generally feel like being a lot more social.

Note – If you are feeling fatigued still – this should be addressed with your doctor as this could be a symptom of iron deficiency.

Summer Phase (Day 12-19) – This is when you are at your best! You are approaching mid cycle when ovulation occurs and this can be seen as a very comfortable phase. Generally you will want to meet up with friends and family and be more social. This is also a great time to do public speaking and get yourself out there!

However, a second hormone does come into play now which is progesterone which can make some people feel rough just after ovulation. Oestrogen also drops which can make you feel a lot less ‘sassy!’

Autumn Phase (Day 20-26) – This phase can start earlier – and remember these days that the phases show are only guidelines as everyone’s cycles are completely unique! This can be a very uncomfortable phase if you suffer with PMT. This phase is a time when you should (if you can!) cut back on your schedule and slow down a little. Your energy levels will be lower because progesterone is in higher demand. Be kind to yourself.

Hopefully that has given you an insight into what is happening in particular to our moods/energy across our cycle.

In another post I will go into period pains and how we don’t have to put up with them!