Do you waste time on your phone?

Do you endlessly scroll and waste time on your phone?

We all do it too much! We can be sitting down on the sofa and before we know it 30 minutes has passed from just scrolling away on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing really productive just being a snoop really!

What could we have done in those 30 minutes instead?
– Gone for a walk
– Done a 30 minute home workout
– Cooked dinner
– Read a chapter of the book you been meaning to read!

There is a lot you can achieve in 30 minutes when you think about it!

So how could this mindless scrolling be stopped?

Turn your phone to grayscale!
The pictures and content won’t look half as appealing to view!!
Simple but very effective!

On an iPhone (sorry can only tell this option as it’s the phone I own!) Go to settings – Accessibility – Display Accommodations – Colour filters – and choose grayscale

Let me know how you get on!