Does your posture look like this?

Is this you?

Are you hunched over your desk – are you feeling pain in your back (upper or lower). Have you got tension in your neck?
Are you suffering from headaches?

This is a very common posture – that the majority of the time we don’t actually realise we are in!

Our eyes are not at eye level to the monitor. Your shoulders are hunched over and so is your upper back.
Your lower back is rounded and you are breathing through your chest, shoulders and neck -rather than lower down in your abdomen and using your diaphragm.

What you should be doing….

☑️ Make sure your eyes are at level to the top of your screen. This might mean adjusting the seat height or making your monitor higher by stacking books underneath.

☑️ Feet should be flat on the floor with your chest up and shoulders back. You should also be thinking about engaging your core – or at least be aware of trying to engage it now and again.

☑️ We can often breathe quite lazily – and instead of breaking through our tummy and using our diaphragm – we breathe a lot higher up. This generally happens because we are hunched over which compresses our diaphragm. Sit up tall and use your diaphragm.

☑️ Be aware of your head position. Forward head posture with your chin protruding forwards can lead to neck tension and cause headaches. Push your chin back and don’t allow your head to droop.

Hopefully these little tips will help and these improvements in your posture will also make you feel a lot better too 😊