Don’t set yourself up for failure

Start with small changes to your lifestyle

Are you motivated to make a change but too scared to do anything about it because you are fearful of failing?

Too often people want to change their lifestyle around by making drastic changes. This could be cutting out chocolate, going to the gym 5 times a week or drinking 2L a water a day.

Looking at it on paper you might think ‘yes I can do that’ but when it comes to making those changes the body and mind is saying ‘no way!’

You don’t need to make drastic changes straight away – your brain will think you have gone crazy and it won’t be sustainable.

How could we target this instead?

1) Cutting out chocolate – firstly work out how often and how much you eat chocolate a week. Keep a diary and monitor. If you eat it everyday – keep eating it everyday but reduce the portion size. This way you are still enjoying chocolate, but you are being mindful of how much you consume.

2) Going to the gym 5 times a week – if you don’t currently go to the gym you for sure do not want to start going 5 times a week! Why not commit to 1-2 times a week first. Also find exercise you enjoy. You might not enjoy the gym and prefer to go swimming or dancing. This is still exercise which is going to help burn calories and increase your fitness levels.

3) Drinking 2L water a day – like with your chocolate monitoring – track how much water you drink a day. If this is only 500ml – then 2L is going to be a massive jump! Build up the amount gradually. Make sure you have a pint of water at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only will this increase your water intake, but it will keep you more full.

Be kind to your body, make changes gradually and the results will show.