Exercise during pregnancy

Can you still exercise during pregnancy?

YES absolutely!

It is totally normal to be concerned and feel that you can’t exercise when you become pregnant. The fear that you will be harming the baby and if you have experienced a miscarriage you may be even more fearful.

However, there are many benefits from continuing to exercise during pregnancy. You will be keeping your body strong which will certainly helps when it comes to labour. The release of endorphins you experience with exercise will help with stress and help your mental health. Other benefits include reducing varicose veins, swelling in the ankles and tiredness.

Do listen to your body. You don’t want to be pushing yourself to exhaustion. Instead aim for working at an intensity where you can still maintain a conversation or be able to lift a weight for 10 reps comfortably.

Pregnancy is NOT a time for setting new personal bests or losing weight. It is a time where you are enjoying growing a little human in a safe way and keeping your body strong and healthy in the lead up to labour.

I will be popping up more posts to help clear up some of the confusion around pregnancy and exercise.