Have You Got The Monday Blues?

Have you got the Monday Blues?

So common – and so normal too! We have had an awesome weekend relaxing and eating and then the thought of stepping back into work or heaving yourself to the gym make you feel pretty crap!


Sometimes it is the thought of if that is the worst part!! The thought of getting up early when we would much prefer to be tucked under the duvet. The thought of bustling through the traffic and stressing that we might be late. The thought of all the emails and tasks to get through for the day.

Gosh – feels stressful just writing it!


Could we turn this around somehow??

Lets re-wind back to Sunday evening. Did we spend it thinking about the next day? Or maybe you were up late watching movies? Were you spending hours on Facebook scrolling?  

Could you have used part of the day yesterday – maybe 10 minutes to think about how you could make Monday better for you? How could you have woken up in a bit more of a positive mood?

For me this includes finding a really good podcast the evening before, downloading it and listening to it first thing in the morning. This could be for you making your ideal breakfast, watching 30 minutes of a TV show, listening to two of your favourite songs. This might mean getting up a little earlier in the morning but if it makes you feel better and sets you up for the day then it’s a no brainer.

Could your commute to work be less stressful? This could mean leaving earlier or listening to an audiobook. Try to find small solutions that will instantly uplift your mood.

If you don’t always feel motivated for the gym could you see if a friend will come with you or book into a class you enjoy?

Mondays can feel so difficult and we often choose to make them hard work! Try to put some systems in place that will make Mondays feel that bit easier for you 😊