How many micro stresses do you have in a day?

How many micro stresses do you encounter in a day?

We all have a certain stress threshold – but often it is not one stressful situation that tips us over the edge, it’s an accumulation of micro events.

I want you to answer honestly how many of these happen to you over a typical day….

  • Do you use your phone as an alarm clock
  • Do you scroll on your phone as soon as you wake up? This could be looking at social media, checking emails or responding to messages
  • Do you often avoid breakfast
  • Are you often rushed/late for work
  • Do you work through your lunch break
  • Are you triggered easily at the workplace
  • Do you stay late after you are supposed to finish work
  • Do you rely on coffee
  • Are you tired
  • Do you pick up convenience food rather than cook from scratch
  • Do you pick at food in the evening
  • Are you on your phone in bed


If you answered yes to over half of these questions, you could well be exceeding your stress threshold.

A little bit of stress is fine and in the right situations can be healthy. However, if we are experiencing small stress bouts over the course of the day – this can be unhealthy for us. There will be increased amounts of cortisol floating around the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone. This can lead to health problems such as anxiety, excessive strain on the heart, weight gain and digestive issues.

I will be touching on this subject in more detail and what actionable steps you can put in place to reduce these micro stresses occurring.