How often do you eat at the table?

How often do you sit down at the table to eat?

A lot of us are eating in front of the tv, at the computer or even on the go!!

You should try and eat at the table once a day – ideally in company.

If you think back to when you were young, quite often it was common to sit down as a family to dinner -with no mobile phone in sight!

This allowed a connection. A sense of belonging. Allowing you to talk, laugh, gossip and be together.

Think how good it feels to go out for a meal with friends, your partner or family and how connected and engaged you feel.

You can replicate this at your own dining table. Free up the space from things you have dumped on it and use it for it’s actual purpose.

You will also be more mindful of what you are eating, enjoy the taste and even discuss it with who you are eating with.

When you are relaxed when you are eating you will digest the food properly too. You are more likely to eat less as you won’t be mindlessly eating as you might be whilst watching TV.

So there we have it, try and have 1 meal sitting at the table each day and notice how it makes you feel 😊