How often do you go upside down?

A little bizarre of me to ask BUT there are many benefits of adopting an upside down position.

1) Improve circulation and heart health
The heart constantly works against gravity – however when we go upside down the blood rushes towards the heart and the upper body – giving the heart a break.

2) Increases immunity
Similar to the bloody circulating around the body – when we go upside down the lymphatic system which regulates our immune system is refreshed.

3) Strengthen the core – I can totally vouch for this! We need to activate our inner core muscles to keep us held in position – the more we use them – the stronger they will become.

4) Something different – many of us probably don’t adopt this position. When we do – it is a new stimulus for the body and we use muscles we don’t normally use.

5) Increase confidence – being upside can be scary. We think of the what if’s too much instead of enjoying the process. Though if we succeed how good and confident do we feel?!

Now go and find a wall and hang upside down for 30 secs