Perfectly Imperfect

We have hit the year 2020…

A lot of us will be setting new intentions, goals and creating a ‘new you’

However, what is wrong with you?

Have you noticed that none of us are perfect and that is why I love to tell myself that I am PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

Do you beat yourself up over the following…

– Eating a whole pack of cookies
– Lying on the sofa literally scrolling on your phone for way longer than you wanted to
– Doing less than 2000 steps when you planned to hit 10,000 steps a day

Or maybe

– Procrastinating over doing something really important
– Overthinking what you said to that person
– Feeling stupid for not knowing something

We are putting pressure on ourselves DAILY – (yes I would say a lot of us most certainly do this daily) to be perfect.

When really we are a lot more interesting being imperfect.

We all have flaws, fears and insecurities and that’s absolutely fine because that is what makes you – YOU.

So going into 2020 don’t put pressure on yourself. If you fail at something you can always try again.

And if you want to laze on the Sofa and watch 2 hours 50 minutes of The Sound of Music with snacks at hand – then that is fine 😊

Have a lovely New Years Day – however you start the year is fine 😊