Personal training

What to expect from personal training

Leah will plan individualised sessions depending on your health and fitness goals. Each session is 45 minutes and will take place in a small private studio.

Whether your goal is to get fitter, feel stronger or to fit into a new dress….Leah will work with you to achieve them.

Free consultation

This is a chance to meet Leah, see the studio and to sit down and discuss your goals and lifestyle in more detail.

Consultations last up to an hour and Leah will also take a thorough medical history

personal training prices

Leah offers a variety of monthly training packages. 

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No. Leah cab help you at whatever level of fitness you are, from the very beginner/been out of exercise for a while – right up to the advanced athlete

Immediately. Your first result will be contacting me. That is 100% the hardest step. Now I know that is not the answer you were looking for. You want to know when you will lose ‘x’ amount of pounds or when will you be able to run a half marathon without stopping. 

My answer is – I don’t know. If a personal trainer can tell you that your goal will be achieved in 10 days, 1 month, 3 months…they are in the wrong profession and should be making a killer as a fortuneteller!

Everyone is individual. Life throws so many curve balls at us and we all put so much pressure on ourselves to hit targets and get results quickly!

Leah will break down your bigger goals into smaller bite sized goals. This way you will always be achieving results!!

In the consultation, Leah will ask about your exercise preferences and what your likes and dislikes are. In the studio there is a range of equipment that can be used to keep your sessions varied. Leah will coach you through the exercises and help you execute the workouts with good technique and confidence.

To increase your accountability. By committing to a monthly package will allow you to treat your health and fitness journey seriously.  

Yes! You will have access to The Fitness With Leah Hub where you will find a variety of exercise workouts, recipes and lifestyle support. I also run walking groups around the local area and have a Facebook Community group with lots of other clients!