Plants in your home

Do you have plants in your home?

I’ve never been one to keep a plant – it ends up dying before I remember to water it!!

Though after reading about the amazing health benefits house plants have – I will start to look after these amazing living organisms!

Data has suggested that 4 million people worldwide die prematurely due to indoor air pollution! People are aware of the pollution levels outside but there are increased levels in our homes!

Opening the windows and allowing ventilation can help but with the colder weather we have been getting – how often have you opened the window?

This is where owning a plant comes in! Plants help to remove these chemical compounds polluting our indoor environment. Some plants are more effective than others at removing certain chemicals and toxins, but I will let you do the research on that one.

Not only are they great for reducing pollution levels but they are also fantastic for our psychological health. They can help to improve our mood, reduce stress levels, increase work productivity (I have one directly in front of me on my desk as I am typing this) and increase our attention spans.  

For our physical health you are more likely to experience less breathing problems due to the cleaner air and they are also known to help reduce blood pressure and reduce fatigue and headaches.


Wow some amazing benefits from owning a plant. Maybe I have convinced you to pop down to your local B&Q to pick up some this afternoon!! 😊