Reduce your portion size

Start to be aware of your portion size….

Too often we concentrate on cutting out foods instead of just looking at the portion sizes of those foods.

If you enjoy a bowl of Malt Wheats (the cheap version of Shreddies 😊) then keep eating them but be aware of your portion size.

There are easy ways to reduce our calorie intake by making some small tweaks in our normal eating patterns.

There is a difference of 220 calories in these two bowls.

If you normally have the larger 100g bowl – then a jump down to 40g would be too big of a change. Why not try a 75g bowl – a more manageable amount.

This might mean you need to weigh it out a few times and then you will be able to have a good judgment of how much that amount is without being dependent on the food scales.

Changing your eating patterns can be more simple than you think and most importantly still keeping in foods you enjoy 😊