Scheduling non-negotiable appointments for yourself!

How often do you look at your diary and wonder where you are going to fit in going to the gym, a chance to paint your nails or simply sit and read a book?

We have become a very ‘busy’ nation – BUT what time do we then leave for ourselves? Very little or none is my guess!

Before you book in meetings, appointments, clients or whatever tends to fill in your diary – ask yourself what you want to do in that week ahead. Do you want to exercise 3 times that week? Do you want an evening off work? Or maybe you want to meet a friend. Schedule those things in your diary or they won’t happen.

If you enjoy exercising and it makes you feel good – this is a priority.

If having the evening off work will help you to relax – this is a priority.

If you want to catch up with a friend – this is a priority.


It will be hard for a lot of you to do this, but you will feel SO much better and in control for doing it!

Let me know how you get on 😊