Too busy to eat

I am TOO BUSY to eat!

This is a very common phrase a lot of clients say. However, there are ways around this!! Continue reading to find out how to reduce this problem…

  • Plan Ahead

I bet you plan out your day in general to a degree. This might be blocking out when you have meetings, scheduling when you are exercising and noting down when you are catching up with a friend for a drink. We do fail though on planning what we are eating in a day and this can lead to picking up a takeaway or a chocolate bar because its quick and easy!

Problem solving solutions

  • Write down a list of staple food you eat. This could be microwavable rice, potatoes, pasta, mince beef, chicken, tin of tuna, cheese and vegetables. These foods are simple ingredient foods which you can whip up into a dish quickly. For example mince, veg, pasta and cheese or chicken, rice and vegetables. You might want to have a couple of seasoning choices in stock too which could include, pepper, pasatta, soy sauce etc.

When you get low on one source make sure you stock up.

  • Another option is to cook in bulk. This could be setting some time aside a couple of times a week and cooking up some meat and then popping it in meals throughout the week.
  • Lastly one of my favourites is cooking extra for the next day. I quite often cook double the amount of food when I make dinner and take it for lunch the next day 😊
  • Schedule in when you will eat in your diary

If you have a really busy schedule or even forget to eat then this is for you! Literally write down what time you will be having breakfast, lunch and dinner in your diary and keep to it.

  • You eat out a lot with work or with friends

There are many more options on most menus now – that allows you to pick some healthier choices! If you ask the waiter to adapt the meal slightly then they can usually do that for you. Don’t think you are being cheeky – they want your service!

  • I really am too busy to eat

If you can’t schedule when you want to eat in a day you may need to look at any areas you can free up in the day. If you can’t you might want to consider having a bigger breakfast and dinner and easy snacks throughout the day.

I hope you find this helpful and if you struggle with this issue then hopefully I have given you some pointers.

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