about Leah

my journey so far...

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2010 – however I didn’t always want to be a Personal Trainer.

My journey started with graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in Physiotherapy. With very few work opportunities in my home county of Cornwall it was off to Birmingham I went!

Securing a job as a Physiotherapist was fantastic and I gained valuable experiences of working in a hospital, private clinic and with a rugby team. 

The year I started my first Physio job was also the same year that I decided to become a Personal Trainer too!

Juggling the two jobs was challenging and in 2015 I decided to ‘hang up my healing hands’ and put all my energies into my personal training career!

experience as a personal trainer

I started my career in The Gym Group. A large commercial gym – the perfect place to learn the fundamentals and meet new clients. 

After 5 years of working in a gym setting, I ventured outside and started running female outdoor fitness camps in Birmingham City Centre. I loved helping the ladies to feel fitter, stronger and improve their confidence. 

Then in 2017 – I converted my garage into a small studio. This has allowed me to run personal training sessions and exercises classes from literally behind my house! 

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my business and help more and more ladies who want to feel fitter, healthier and stronger!

Quick Fire questions

Find out more about me!

How personal! However, I always like to know someones age so it is only right I disclose mine! I was born in November 1986 – so I will let you do the maths!

I would love to come up with a story like this…’When I was younger I hated PE and all I did was watch movies and eat pizza,

Though I have to admit I have always been into fitness. The human body has always fascinated me – yes a bit of my geeky side! I used to do ballet, tap, modern, jazz and then spent most of my teenage years trying to run around a track as fast as I could!

I do love a good drama and I recently discovered ‘This Is Us’ – wow a must watch if you haven’t already!

My top reality series is Married At First Sight – so entertaining!!

100% sweet! Chocolate, cakes, sweets…you name it!

So after moving up to Birmingham in 2009 I discovered there were a few terms I was unfamiliar with!

The first being ‘Gambol’. I first heard someone say this in the gym and I had no idea what they were talking about!

I am still not used to Mum being written as Mom!

Then just the other day I found out that ice poles were called ‘tip tops’