Feel good fitness coaching

Group coaching

If you are looking for support with your health and fitness then group coaching could be perfect for you!

This monthly group coaching service will help you to FEEL GOOD and give you all the tools you need to make the changes in a supportive group environment

If you are finding it hard to make changes then Leah will be helping you every step of the way to eat, sleep, exercise and feel better!

What to expect...

  • Supportive Facebook community
  • Weekly check ins to let leah know how your week is going
  • Weekly group calls – Leah will be going Live once a week on zoom/Facebook to help you with common themes from checks ins and further support
  • Monthly individual progress calls to plan nutrition and exercise
  • Database of workout videos delivered via the Trainerize app
  • Weekly content on specific topic areas



How do I sign up?

The coaching is £55 per month for the first 10 spaces. 

This works on a monthly direct so you can cancel at anytime

I would always advise at least 3 months of coaching to see results


(Doors close at 6.30pm on Friday 28th January